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Paradoxical Intention – Do Worse.

What if you took all of the pressure off of yourself? What if instead of trying to do well, you just lowered the bar and aimed for a “C-“? What if instead of trying to be perfect, you aimed for mediocre? Sure, it sounds weird enough, in our society driven by performance and personal success…Continue reading “Paradoxical Intention – Do Worse.”

“Hygge” – The Danish Word for that Cozy Feeling

Have you heard about it yet? “Hygge”? It’s a Danish word to capture a certain special feeling – one that we don’t really have a good word for in English. But we’re starting to catch on here and the States – and in the rest of the world – because boy is it nice. ForContinue reading ““Hygge” – The Danish Word for that Cozy Feeling”


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