Compassion for Other Human Beings

A certain human being reminded us recently to “see each other again, listen to each other again…”

In a word, he reminded us: “Let’s give each other a chance.”

Maybe I should give people a chance.

Maybe….even people I really disagree with.

Which sounds really hard. Because often, I feel – I know – deep down, that someone is in the wrong.

But that person is still a human being.

(And maybe if I had lived through everything that person had lived through, I would think the kinds of things that person thinks.)

So maybe I could go easy on them, and not judge too harshly.

I could have some compassion.

That human being – like me – has pain in their life. (Maybe, that person has a lot of pain, that I don’t even know about). And that human being – like me – wants to alleviate that pain.

We at least have that in common.

Why am I posting this on a self-improvement blog? This idea of “compassion”…well, maybe it’ll help you be a happier, more peaceful person.

Do I need to spend all my time with people I really disagree with? Nah, that sounds stressful. In fact, I try to spend minimal time with people who stress me out.

But when you are dealing with someone like that, a little compassion – realizing that yes, that other person is suffering in many ways, too, and we’re all just doing our best in our own way – might help you feel a bit more peaceful.

And speaking of enjoying some peace, I’ll leave you with a short video:

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